Last night I sent an email to every single agent on my coaching team (500+ of you) offering a listing appointment to anyone who could take it today at 2pm. I included the city, state, and zip code and appointment time in the email.

This morning I woke up to 50+ emails exclaiming some version of “I’ll take it” but once I sent the full address the reply “oh wait this is hours away from me” or “oh I already have a 2pm appointment” or “I’m not licensed in that state.”


This made it very clear to me that we need to work on RESPONDING instead of REACTING.

Think about if I was a client and you’re one of the Realtors who replied to my email in such a boneheaded way (yes, those replies were boneheaded) – does that grow my trust in you or make me side-eye you? Do you come across as having your shit together or as someone who’s a little wonky donky. What about a lead who you’re attempting to set an appointment with – maybe they take you off script so you get a little flustered and send a text without getting help which kills your shot at the appointment. In the listing appointment, you’re so anxious you stop listening and instead start talking over the seller with this and that talk track. You totally miss their simple problem – you therefore never address it and they toss you out like yesterday’s garbage. This is a REACTIONARY STATE AND YOU WILL NOT SELL WELL IN THIS STATE OF BEING.

Why? Well ask yourself – do YOU want to hire someone who comes across as reactionary/sloppy/out of control to lead you through the biggest transaction of your life?

Responding Feels Like…

Reading/checking something twice before claiming the information isn’t included in the email or in the National portal, or been texted to you. Please – some of you are so wild about this.

Taking 1-2 intentional breaths before responding to a seller objection in a listing appointment. Even if it means there is a second or two of silence between you.

Asking a clarifying question to be perfectly square on what someone is saying before making up your mind on what they mean.

Being aware of when your anxiety or anger or even excitement start rising and knowing you’ll need to slow down so you don’t go into a damaging autopilot mode.


Staying in the moment you are in. Not ahead or behind, fixating on the current interaction you’re having. Feeling the energy, connecting to those you’re with, listening to the higher part of your mind (not the primitive monkey we all have in there doing god knows what), and letting *that* voice do the talking.

Mastering sales requires you to have command of yourself and using that to influence others to do what you need them to do for THEIR reasons. Command of yourself (limiting your reactionary tendencies) is a major step in that process. So I invite you to ask yourself – I am reacting or am I responding right now and choose the better – for you and your clients.

Monie Thots
The one where she’s still desperate to fill an appointment

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