Today my yoga teacher told us a story about how she was disrespected at her job. Initially she was ready to quit – her attitude being “they treat me this way, I’ll quit and they’ll really suffer without me.” She lamented to her teammates, her boss, her husband and then she *woke up* and realized that the only person suffering was her.

I swear my experiences in these classes are absolutely divinely lead as I recently was also disrespected and my initial response was *identical* to hers. So obviously I knew what she was saying was absolutely for me to hear.

Alright God, I see you, ears are open.

She continued on and said “attachments are the root of all suffering.” Our attachment to specific outcomes, our expectations taint our experience of things. In her situation, she was attached to this particular project being a certain way, she was attached to her higher ups viewing her as “good enough,” she was attached to how much money she would make and when those things didn’t come to be she was thrown into a Sufferfest 2023 – world’s worst festival btw. Same here – I too bought a ticket to Sufferfest based on my beliefs of how I should be treated and what is and is not fair – this tailspin only negatively impacting me. My happiness, my self worth, my confidence.


She ended by saying once you let go of the attachments you can just BE EXCELLENT.

*Excellent* is one of my core words so I knew this too was *for* me. Being excellent for the sake of being excellent. Being excellent because you can be. Not because of what you’ll get in return, not because you want your boss to see you and value you (would be nice but not within our control), not because you have some pathological fear of not being the best. Being excellent for the pure joy of playing in your most high and divine self – choosing NOT to be this way is choosing NOT to tap into your divinity… everything sucks when you’re disconnected from the source – why choose that? So I left class feeling lighter and happier. Because I am excellent and it sounds like a lot of fun to flex in that knowing that whatever becomes of it will be a gift to my life.

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