Do you want to know why most people fail to reach their goals?

THEY DON’T SET ANY! Yeah – really. As obvious as that may sound, it has become evident to me that many of us 72 Sold Ballers aren’t setting/declaring goals around our 72 Sold businesses with any consistency or reflection. As your coach and friend, I cannot feel good about myself knowing that’s the case therefore I threw out the following question to the team for the month of September.

“How many 72 Sold TV referrals or DIY listings do you plan to list this month?”

I got almost 50 responses which is incredible given that our team isn’t much bigger than that. As I documented everyone’s goals, I knew this week I needed to give some advice and education around goal setting.

Author’s Note: Please know, I am not the kind of person who is a slave to goal setting – the SMART plans and checklists etc, stress me TF out. BUT I always have a goal when it comes to my business and I know that I am so successful because I set aggressive goals, I write them down in a simple notebook, I share them with my team and family, and I do not allow excuses for myself when it comes to hitting them.

Goals – Some Mindset Considerations

  • Your beliefs create your reality: Your belief in your ability to make these TV referrals want to sign a listing agreement with you determines if they will. If you believe in your ability, it means you believe in the program. To believe in the program would mean you understand it SO WELL that you can explain it to any seller in any situation so clearly that they would see no other choice but to work with you. Once I really understood why this program absolutely can work for any seller in any situation my belief in it exploded. Once that happened my ability to sign them did as well. You must know the program works in order to have the ability to convert at the highest level. If a part of you doesn’t know or believe in the program you MUST address that or you will not convert. Get your ass into coaching, ask questions, get clear! It’s your responsibility and bottomline.
  • Haphazardly throwing numbers out means you don’t take yourself seriously: One of the biggest points of growth I’ve ever experienced is when I started to take myself seriously. Treating my life as my brand, investing in me. A part of that included treating my business like well… a REAL business. Not a side hustle. Resist the laziness or fear that causes you to set goals based on nothing. I know you’re full of sh*t but more importantly YOU know you are. Instead, LOOK at what you’re doing, ANALYZE it and then DECIDE what you will do. This sends a message to you and others that you aren’t some unprofessional, side hustle, fly-by-night agent. NO! You run a business that you take seriously. I personally only want to do business with serious business people.
  • Know what you can do first and then add a bit more to reach for: Do not be afraid to have to stretch for your goals. There’s an art here, a balance that’s so important to pinpoint. You don’t want to set goals that you repeatedly don’t attain… that can be demoralizing and burn you out. You want to find your current edge and then ask yourself, what if I stepped just over that line. This builds confidence because a goal that’s easily attained doesn’t change you – something you had to reach for shows you a new level of you. Nothing better than seeing yourself level up right before your eyes.
  • When you place a qualifier on your goal it means you already have given up on it: “I’ll reach my goal as long as I get good leads” – stop the bullsh*t. This isn’t a goal. This is you already setting yourself up with an excuse of why you didn’t reach the goal. The GOAL should be the sum of all considerations combined. Meaning, you should have already controlled for how many leads may or may not respond before you set your goal. And in general, take ownership regardless. What are YOU doing to increase your chances with each opportunity (lead) you receive. What DIY are you doing to create more activity AND signal to the universe you’re committed to making this happen no matter what. You don’t hear top performers qualifying their goals, get on that same page.
  • Declaring your goals to someone else increases your likelihood of reaching them: You’re only as sick as your secrets applies here somehow. We keep secrets because of shame, fear. Same applies when you keep your goals a secret – if you don’t reach them now you may experience shame and nobody likes that feeling. But really this means you’re already leaving the door open for not reaching them and deciding that somehow you need to be ashamed if you don’t. There’s no room for either of these possibilities in your goal setting thoughts and you conquer them both by simply sharing your goals with someone else. Now you’re more likely to reach them.
  • Whether you hit them or not, doesn’t mean anything about your worth: Piggybacking off the last point. Perfectionism has many wonderful benefits but this isn’t one of them. Coupling self worth to outcomes is a surefire way to be on a constant self-worth-rollercoaster and always seeking significance outside of yourself gives everyone but you power over your state of being. Guys, that is SO 2000-and-late; let’s be done with this low vibe existence. Realizing that setting goals for your business is simply something that must be done in order for it to grow and thrive is a must. A helpful thought here is to think about your children or family members – do you love them less if they don’t get a perfect score on a test? No, that would be ridiculous – I know right? *side eye*
  • You cannot tell me you’re serious about this business and not have your goals set, documented, and declared: I don’t think this bullet point needs further explanation.

So now with these considerations in mind, feel free to reach out to me to adjust your September goals or share yours with me if you were too bashful prior.

As always, being your coach is one of the best aspects of my life.

Thank you,


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