This occurred to me in a meeting today. I wrote it chicken scratch style as fast my hands would work. I don’t know why I wrote it except I just felt inspired to document. I have been thinking about a personal guiding statement for a while, maybe that’s what this is trying to be? Anyways, I hope you can hear me.

I am here – full of gifts, talent, and immeasurable power – to shape my world into exactly what I want it to be. 

I am making choices every day to either honor that TRUTH or betray my own divinity. There is no in between, I am or I am not.

There is no question of my divinity, it is inherent. It is shameful that this declaration isn’t made daily by all human beings because it is the mother fucking TRUTH.

I am responsible for the results in my life. Just me. No one else. I am the author – another way to say that is I am the AUTHORITY.

WE, meaning all of us, are empowered to stand up *overflowing with courage* and to turn away from the lies that keep us tamed, muted, and victim.

These lies are told to us in many ways but they only have power if we decide to identify with them. I can choose to notice and then stop identifying. I can create new beliefs about me to govern my behaviors and predict my results.

It is an insult to our creator (or whoever or whatever the fuck you subscribe to) to believe you are subservient to your life and to this world. It is a lie that the buck doesn’t stop with me.

It is up to me to know this and to respond accordingly, or not.

I am free. We are free.


Monie Thots 

(Chicken Scratch In a Meeting Edition)