Went for a solo walk last night. Had ants in my pants because of how exhilarated I got for a client of mine – had to get out to move my body a bit. I wanted to reflect on how such a wildly great outcome happened for her and another one of my clients who is also closing this week.

Here are some of the thots I jotted down for myself that I think will also help my Realtor Friends (and Foes too since I’m not too petty to share with my haters).

I have the most fun and am most effective when I change my thinking from “why can’t this work?” to “how can this work?” Right now, in a weird market, clients often have goals that aren’t just going to *happen* meaning – aren’t just going to naturally occur. The layups are gone, for sellers and buyers right now. So now the skill is being able to think through the nuance, using your creativity, to build out a strategy that eventually gets them there.

I rely on two main things to make this happen:

#1 – A deep understanding of the contract *and* process. I am really not trying to state the obvious here but this is the foundation needed so you can solidly PLAY in the deal. Once you know the rules, you find the flex points, the room for creativity, the FUN, all while protecting everyone involved. Many agents my team and I deal with on a regular basis, simply don’t understand the rules and usually their lack of understanding actually *limits the deal.* They are scared to do anything that isn’t completely linear because they don’t know how it works, what it’s meant to do, and how it does and doesn’t protect their client. They hold on to pieces that are irrelevant or not important because they are scared to make a mistake. If you’re a newer agent especially, STUDY the contract. Go slow, think about why it would have in it what it does. Ask agents who’ve done a lot of deals questions and if you’re doing a deal with a more experienced agent and they are trying to problem solve with you, LISTEN to their ideas, and refer to the contract to verify – put your head together with them instead of burying your head because you’re too embarrassed to admit you’re a little outside of your experience level. Remember – your knowledge is YOUR responsibility, Dude (Michelle Tanner voice). Your clients deserve facilitation of the contract that protects them AND works for them at the same time and it’s your job to get your technical knowledge up enough to lead in that.

#2 – I then PLAY! There is no part of me interested in spending any substantial amount of my life not having fun. Witnessing my kids learn through play has been a great reminder to me about how play supercharges your creativity. What if a tough deal was a game that you just had to figure out how to win? What if your client, the lender, and maybe even your cross agent became your teammates when a challenge arises? Why not view the contract as a set of game pieces you can use to WIN THE GAME? When I can get myself into this mode, I swear ideas start FLOWING. Some of these ideas are batshit crazy and totally illegal 😂😂😂 but that’s ok, even these are often valuable jumping off points (how can we do this but legally or less batshit haha). Remember games are won by making one play at a time; the culmination of small wins. It’s a lot easier to have fun one step at a time then getting overwhelmed with the business of winning the entire game – and you are more likely to perform best if you’re having fun. Creative inspiration strikes when the mind isn’t stressed – you’ll be like me in the shower yesterday, shampoo dripping in my eyes, and BOOM hit with a perfect solution that lets your buyer and the seller win 🥇. I literally did a Tiger Woods fist bump buck naked in the shower 😂 – about 500 deals under my belt and still having THAT much fun.

For My Clients (current and future)

Having a “let’s try it” mentality is the mindset of my clients who have these wildly great results. Maybe it’s God, the Universe, a magical magnetic field, whatever but those who are willing to take steps forward without a need to absolutely know *how* something is going to work in the end, always have these serendipitous things happen. Look, it’s my job to help you understand the contract – to keep us out of deep doo-doo – that is a given. My hope those is that together we will explore the possibilities, you’ll trust me enough to relax and have fun with it. Because being able to explore possibilities knowing that the very best outcomes are out there for us to discover together is nothing short of FUN 🤩 in my book. Faith is a beautiful thing and your girl LIVES to brag about how ***my*** clients are clearly God’s faithful favorites 😂😂

Thanks for reading. I hope, no matter if you’re Realtoring or Clienting this brought some value to you! I love sharing what I know and love with you. Reach out to me if you need anything… especially if you’re prequalified 😂

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The One Where I Am Basking In Glory

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