The saying goes, “ “The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.”

It is not a coincidence that what it takes to build your physical strength mirrors what it takes to build your mental and emotional strength as well.

The thing about strength is that it doesn’t come without resistance – resistance – in the form of a heavy weight, a heavy challenge, a heavy event, we have the option to commit to carrying it and growing stronger… or not. If we COMMIT then, over time, the weight feels lighter and lighter.

Look, we have all been there – as soon as something is hard, or we have our feelings hurt, or we get uncomfortable, we want to cut and run. That’s a natural reaction… but it is not the *required* response. You can choose differently. What if every time you felt yourself wanting to quit, bitch out, half ass, avoid, you instead decided to embrace what’s in front of you first as an opportunity to grow? What if you became a person who viewed the inevitable heaviness you will encounter as a vehicle for your personal greatness?

Think about this, how many people with great potential have you witnessed clam up as things change and difficulties arise? The energy spent complaining, looking for a way out, trying to find shortcuts could have been spent simply getting BETTER. But getting better takes commitment. REAL commitment. Anyone can say they are committed when they are comfortable, it’s the discomfort of resistance that shows true character.

My wish for you/me/we is, as we continue to encounter the resistance of change, the pushback of challenging conversations with family/friends/clients, our own stories about how things should be but aren’t, that we STAY COMMITTED. Do not look for a way around the straight path to success **simply because you don’t want to do the heavy lifting**. Don’t waste time bitching about missing how it used to be, ignoring the abundance of opportunities you have right in front of you. That’s a great way to never grow!

Decide that you’re in, EVERY DAY, and suddenly these heavy things will get lighter and lighter because you carrying them will be a welcomed exercise towards your greatness.

Much love guys!

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