Most of my problems are stories I’ve made up in my mind about how I must be or how the world or others must be. I spend a lot of time spinning over goblins that only exist because I allow them to, feeding them my energy a spoonful at a time so they grow bigger and stronger and I feel smaller and smaller in their presence.

This is me being a victim.

Me being emPOWERed is investing in the coaching and mentoring needed to notice when I am doing this and making different choices about what I feed my precious energy to. Instead of pushing against something and flipping the fuck out (as y’all know I can do), I am getting so much better about taking a step back, seeing me, seeing it and realizing that IT is only there because I’m letting it be there. Once you regard “it” like that it shrinks back down to normal size, a manageable little doodad that I have dominion over.

Little by little I’m becoming unfuckwithable and it is THE SHIT.