Every day as part of the ritual to manage my “complicated” personality I take a walk through my neighborhood. I typically listen to podcasts/72 Team calls or the sappiest/emotional songs I can find. If it’s a “song day,” my neighbors get serenaded by me – full voice – which I am sure they very much enjoy because why would they not I’m practically a professional singer… anyways.

Today I stumbled upon Beauty & The Beast, the Celine/Peabo version (not the teapot version). As I was scream singing, lump in my throat included, I remembered how much I love this story. A refresher – a wise, kind, beautiful woman stumbles into the castle of a horrible beast and he holds her captive. Through getting to know one another they grow trust, then a friendship, then love which culminates into him being transformed back into the handsome prince he once was. It turns out a witch had cast a spell on him that could only be reversed by true love. It was her ability to see him differently and love him regardless of his appearance that gave him a second chance.

This story reminds me of the power of seeing beyond.

The most impactful people I know practice seeing beyond as a habit. And much like Belle the heroine in Beauty & The Beast, they possess similar traits that seem to help them do just that like:

  • * They are patient – they have a tolerance for the time it takes for the best things to unfold
  • * They are perceptive – they have an ability to perceive a greater good/purpose than what is on the surface
  • * They are open minded and flexible – they understand that things may unfold differently than expected, they can bend without breaking
  • * They are secure in who they are – they are steady regardless of what’s swirling around them because they don’t draw their security from external sources but from something else

One of the best things about the Belles of the world is that they are the catalysts for transformation in the world around them. Without those who can see beyond, potential is only skin deep because people rise and fall to the expectations we have for them, for how we see them. Take the same child – place them in gifted or remedial education – watch the result. As your Coach this obviously applies as well. As I get to know more and more of you, I see vast potential which is why I am systematically raising the bar for what I ask of you – as you reach, you grow.

My challenging question for you today is how much are you practicing seeing beyond? Are you PRACTICING the patience, the deeper perception, the flexibility, and the self-security that will help you be someone who transforms your world to it’s maximum potential?

Are you finding the beauty in your everyday beasts?

I believe in you, I see endless potential in you, I am proud to coach you.

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