Melissa turned 900 square feet in the *hood* into 1700 square feet in a beautiful gated community in just 7 months time.

A David Blaine illusion? NOPE. This is the product of smart homeownership. And a dash of ✨Monie Magic✨

She bought a townhome in Phoenix 7 months ago. It wasn’t what she wanted, at all. But it was what she could afford and I could get her seller money that my go-to could use to fix it up for her. She did a very light cosmetic makeover using the *seller’s money*, home warranty handled the AC. By this summer she was enjoying the place, until a family change required more space and a better location.

Melissa reached out about her home value and when she should plan to upgrade. Originally she was going to hang onto the place for a year or so, but seeing what was on the horizon with home values we decided to see what she could get now.

If we could get enough to cover her down payment, and if I could find the right seller with the right property to pay 100% of her closing costs at the right price, we could make this happen.

It Happened

Her townhome set the sales price record for her complex despite the market declining. I was able to pinpoint a property that checked ALL of her boxes and secured a $17,000 discount from the seller between the sales price and the closing costs.

She went from…

2 bedrooms 👉🏾 4 bedrooms
2 baths 👉🏾 3 baths
900 square feet 👉🏾 1700 square feet
Unsecured community 👉🏾 gated community
No backyard 👉🏾 cute and private backyard
Uncovered parking 👉🏾 covered parking
No amenities 👉🏾 Community pool and club house

Pulling this off butters my bread. Melissa’s first home essentially paid for her second one. This wouldn’t have happened had she not had the courage to stop renting and start owning – and the fortitude to think long term instead of fixate on everything her first property lacked.

First time homeownership IS life changing, if you do it right. Do you want me to teach you how to do what Melissa did?
That’s Buyer Bootcamp Baby!

Congratulations Melissa, the most impressive glow up ever! Proud of you!

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